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Archive of class web site - May 2006 - for my students 2000-2006.   WCSU program closed 2006.

There is so much to see and do on the web. That's why I love it so much: both surfing and creating web sites. Have you ever seen web sites that have live cams? Like Hawaii or Pike's Peak, for example?

This web site has been created for my students--welcome! Check out the recommended books and links for further information on web development and design. Here are links to graphic design sites: Barry's Clip Art.com, Corel's Paint Shop Pro, Adobe, and WebMonkey's graphic design articles and tutorials.

Questions about HTML?
Check out "Readers' Most Frequently Asked Questions" found in Appendix A of our class textbook Sam's Teach Yourself HTML and CSS in 24 Hours by Dick Oliver and Michael Morrison. Also, visit the Links section here on bethsweb.com. If you still have questions for which you can't find an answer, visit the Mentor community of HTML Goodies for help.

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